FicFest: Meet Team New Zealand

Hello and welcome to Team New Zealand (Young Adult) for FicFest! For more information, please check out Tiffany Hofmann’s blog! Below you will find bios of Team New Zealand’s leader and members. But, before that, take a look at the beautiful New Zealand. Continue reading


500 Wordaplooza: Why the Winners Won

Hey, everyone! I hope those affected by the blizzard weren’t too badly hindered and that those not affected are celebrating their lack of snow. I’m back a school now, which means life becomes extremely hectic for me again (three jobs, a full class load, musical rehearsals almost every night, assistant tech directing said musical, my WIP, and learning ASL — plus the things that I’m 100% sure I forgot about). Writing is going to become extremely difficult, which gets frustrating as I’m sure all other writers know all too well. I hope this blog will act as my creative outlet and keep me in the writing world while I survive this semester. Continue reading

Relationships Part 2: Can we Talk about This Whole “Inexplicably Drawn to Each Other” Thing?

Hey, everyone and happy Monday! I hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend and have survived this start to the new week. As a reminder, I’m still running a feedback contest for the next 29 hours. You can win a free book! Details are here, so check it out and enter before it’s too late!

Last week, we discussed relationship timelines and moving too fast. This week, I’d like to talk about another topic: the “I’m In Love With You And I Can’t Explain Why” phenomenon. Continue reading


Many of you probably don’t know this, but I always swore I’d never make a Twitter account. And then, once I caved and did just that, I swore I would only use it to tweet sparingly about writing. Fast forward to now. I’ve made so many wonderful friends and connections on Twitter and my hatred for what I once deemed a stupid site has dissipated. I never once believed I would make it to 500 followers. And now, in honor of this momentous occasion, I present an offer to you all. Continue reading

I Know Love at First Sight is Real, but I’m Just Not Ready for that Kind of Commitment

First things first, happy New Year to all! I hope everyone is well and enjoying 2016. For myself, I’m praying it turns out better than 2015. As some of you may know, I took about a year hiatus from keeping up with the writing community. Although it was necessary, I wish it hadn’t been. My year-long absence made me aware of how much I’ve fallen in love with my writer friends and the community as a whole. Even during my time away, when things got difficult, it was the friends I had made through twitter hashtags, slush piles, and writing contests that I turned to. And now, after too long, I’m finally back!
Continue reading

Love Triangles: Do They Really Exist?

Happy Friday! Hopefully your week has been filled with a lot less stress than mine! But, we’re all writers, so probably not. There’s a new poll at the top right of the page that I would love for everyone to take. I’m really curious to see and share the responses. It’ll only take a few seconds, I promise!

As I was packing for school, I was choosing which novels to take with me, and I noticed a common theme about the ones I was leaving behind: they all had love triangles. Continue reading